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The Bird Hospital
2002 Gomer Press

One of The Independent's Books of the Year 2002

Modest, unfashionable and resonant, Anna Wigley's 'The Bird Hospital' is a good deal more poised than many first books... a world of half-light in which shadows are a motif...
(Stephen Knight)

Anna Wigley brings a crystalline gaze to bear on the natural world
(Maura Dooley)

Full of powerfully restrained writing... an unusually gifted poet
(Poetry Wales)

Durer's Hare
2005 Gomer Press

Exquisite observation characterises Anna Wigley's poems, which render painterly and sculptural qualities in verbal terms.... While her work can stand alongside the best of the new "nature" poetry produced by women in Wales in recent years, her perception is notably independent.
(Jeremy Hooker)

This is a fascinating collection, warmly recommended

A seasonal symphony of poems
(PN Review)

2004 Gomer Press

Anna Wigley, having made her entrance as a poet and essayist, now shows in this slender but beautiful collection of short stories, a new artistry... 'Footprints' offers succinct and memorable human witness.
(Stevie Davies)

Waking in Winter
2009 Gomer Press

'Waking in Winter' speaks with crystalline clarity, delicate power, witty exuberance and focused intimacy of address.
(Stevie Davies)

These poems are warm celebrations of the living and lyrical laments for the dead that speak plainly to the reader
(Steve Dube, Western Mail)

2016 Gomer Press

..A frankly magical way with words...
(Katya Johnson, Poetry Wales)

Wigley sees more than what's visible, transforming the mundane with surprising twists of imagination.... a poet worthy of the word.
(Vicky MacKenzie, New Welsh Review)

The poems are beautifully crafted, with a lightness of touch and masterful engagement with the natural world...
(Clare Owen-Maynard)

These poems have outstanding immediacy and wit, even when is a poet who... imposes her vision with a palpable, forceful individuality.

All five books are published by Gomer Press.


Oxygen: New Poets from Wales  (Seren)
Birdsong (Seren)
The Forward Book of Poetry 2006 (Faber)
Poetry 1900-2000: One hundred poets from Wales  (Parthian)
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In Memoriam: Poems on Bereavement  (Candlestick Press)
Ten Poems about Cats   (Candlestick Press)
Poems of the Decade: an anthology of the Forward Books of Poetry 2002-2011 (Faber)
Landscapes on the Edge (Fineleaf)
Readings for Funerals (SPCK)
The Forward Book of Poetry 2017 (Faber)

Selected awards

The Mencap Essay Prize, 1998
The Geoffrey Dearmer Award, 2000
The Guardian Essay Prize, 2001
Award from The Society of Authors, 2011

Poems have appeared in:  Poetry Review, Poetry Wales, New Welsh Review, Planet, The Independent.


Footprints (Gomer 2004)
Roses have Thorns  (Amazon 2015)